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Globesat Satellite System
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Globesat Satellite System
Product Code: 30760NOVA
RRP: £154.29

The Globesat has continuously proved to be the best satellite system to use.  With all terrestrial programmes now available on digital satellite it makes terrestrial omni and directional antennae history.

In tests the Globesats patented cassegraine dish has proved to be 20-25% more powerful than conventional dishes. add to that the top of the range low noise Philips LNB and the performance is further increased. It is streamlined, light and strong with no unsightly reflector arm. It can be raised, directed and locked all from the comfort of the vehicle and is corrosion free. With digital broadcasts always use a satellite finding meter. For price and performance this is the best available.

Pole length = 3ft
Pole width = 30mm

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