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Fiamma Turbo Kit Fan
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Fiamma Turbo Kit Fan
Product Code: 26898NOVA
Suppliers Code: 98683-059
RRP: £76.14

You can finally install the fan on large size rooflights. Kit to convert the rooflight into fan. Turbo kit 12 Vdc with telescopic hanging system allows the installation on all rooflights from 40x40cm (not Fiamma) to 50x70cm when the vehicle is stationary and the roof light is open.

Composed of a ventilation system with a 24cm diameter fan and 2 telescopic hangers adjustable from 36 to 48cm.

Complete with:
• 1x supply for cigarette lighter socket
• 1x 12Vdc power supply cable for the motorhome’s electric supply Installation allowing the rooflight to function as fan and aspirator.
Preset to work with batteries (8 x 1.5VD not supplied).

Can be installed on:

• Fiamma Vent 50
• Omni-Vent
• RemiTop 400
• Seitz Mini Heki
• Seitz Midi Heki
• and many more…

Description Turbo-Kit
Tension 12V
Min. electric input 0.20A
Max electric input 0.33A
Max air flow 7.2m3/min
Fan diameter 24cm
Fan Speed 2
Weight 1.3kg

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