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Fiamma Bi Pot Portable Toilet
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Fiamma Bi Pot Portable Toilet


Strong Fiamma portable toilet, available in 3 models of different dimensions.

Fiamma Bi-Pot® is a simple, strong, self-contained fresh water flush portable toilet.

A very simple system that is both strong and easy to clean. Compact, it can be completely dismantled, including the valve, for thorough and total cleaning. sturdy and solid handle for easy transportation.

Large waste cap: no drainpipe, emptying is easy and hygenic, no clogging.

Each tank is electronically tested for a perfect seal. Handy side clips to connect the upper and lower tanks.

Bidet is available as an optional extra.

Supports twice as much weight as its competitors.

Premium quality

100% Hygiene for the sake of your health

Sturdy Piston pump guarantees 3 directions powerful rinsing jets.

Comfortable and wide seat for adults

Scratch-resistant tank built in only one piece without seams to support
more weight

Sliding watertight valve with anti-odour seal

Large and handy charge and discharge openings with semi-transparent lid for better level control

Available in 3 sizes
Bi-Pot 30 small
Bi-Pot 34 medium
Bi-Pot 39 lar




Upper Tank

Lower Tank



RRP Our Price

Bi Pot 30

10 L

11 L

4.1 kg

43.5 x 34.5 x 30h cm

£78.20 £64.95

Bi Pot 34

15 L

13 L

4.7 kg

43.5 x 36 x 34h cm

£80.81 £68.75

Bi Pot 39

15 L

20 L

4.8 kg

43.5 x 36 x 39.2h cm

£84.06 £71.25

Users Instructions

  Spare Parts Bi-Pot 30

  Spares Parts Bi-Pot 34

   Spare Parts Bi-Pot 39

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