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Fiamma Garage Standard Cycle Carrier
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Fiamma Garage Standard Cycle Carrier



Updated Carry Bike Garage Standard.
This updated version is with black elements as opposed to the old traditional red version. Bike carrier with lower section that fastens to the floor, Bike Block fixes to the wall or to the roof.

Carries up to 3 bikes.

Delivered with 2 Rail Strips, 1 Bike Block Pro 1 and 1 x Bike Block Pro 3.

Model Our Price
Standard 2 Bikes £148.00
Standard 3 Bikes £190.90

Description Garage Standard
Vehicle type motorhome
Bikes carried standard / max 2/3
Bike-Block Pro 1 
Bike-Block Pro 2 
Bike-Block Pro 3 
Weight / Max load 4,8 / 50 kg
Rail Strip Pro (x2)  (x1)

Standard       Optional


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