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Fiamma Cargo Strap Fixing System
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Fiamma Cargo Strap Fixing System


Strong fixing system for objects in the motorhome garage compartment

Strong fixing system to block (or to strap) objects like: small tables, chairs, spare wheel, etc into car boot or garage of your camper.

Simply mount the strong ABS wall tracks with proper screws (standard delivered), set the related hooks and position the rubber bands in order to tension them according to the objects you have to fix.


Cargo strap is composed of:
2 ABS tracks
4 Hooks
2 Rubber bands and 24 fixing screws
Holds up to 20KG

For heavy or bulky objects we suggest to add the optional Cargo accessory Kit which is composed by 4 supplementary hooks and 2 rubber bands

Item Our Price
Cargo Strap £25.50
Accessory Kit £12.95

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