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NRF Blinds and Flyscreens
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NRF Blinds and Flyscreens


With these blinds the user has the ability to completely black out the vehicle or to just partially allow light in, all the time being totally protected against insects. The blinds are fitted as standard by many European motorhome manufacturers.

Available in the following sizes:

500mm x 650mm (L = 576mm x H 650mm)
700mm x 650mm (L = 776mm x H 650mm)
800mm x 650mm (L = 876mm x H 650mm)
900mm x 650mm (L = 976mm x H 650mm)
1000mm x 650mm (L = 1076mm x H 650mm)
1100mm x 650mm (L = 1176mm x H 650mm)
1200mm x 650mm (L = 1276mm x H 650mm)
1250mm x 650mm (L = 1326mm x H 650mm)
1300mm x 650mm (L = 1376mm x H 650mm)
1400mm x 650mm (L = 1476mm x H 650mm)
1450mm x 650mm (L = 1526mm x H 650mm)
1500mm x 650mm (L = 1576mm x H 650mm)
1600mm x 650mm (L = 1676mm x H 650mm)
1700mm x 650mm (L = 1776mm x H 650mm)
1800mm x 650mm (L = 1876mm x H 650mm)

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