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Nova AM Controller Noseweight Gauge
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Nova AM Controller Noseweight Gauge
Product Code: 29250NOVA
RRP: £21.39

Avoid snaking when towing – use an AM Controller for precise, safe and stable loading of caravans and trailers.

The NOVA AM Controller is the only product on the market which can read the weight applied to the tow bar directly on the tow ball. The spring is chromium plated steel and the design was carefully calculated by three civil engineers to produce a quality noseweight gauge. It is durable, handy, easy to use and sensibly priced to appeal to the many safety conscious drivers who are prepared to invest in increased driving safety when towing. The patented controller is fixed onto the tow ball of the towing vehicle. Lock it in place by simply turning the red locking ring 1/2 turn. Lower the trailer coupling head onto the top of the controller. Read the gauge and adjust loading to meet the noseweight criteria of the tow vehicle manufacturer or that which is safe (usually 72-100 kg depending on speed, towing and weight of trailer). It is packed in a high quality display box which is strong enough to be used many times in storage. 

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