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Fiamma Carry Ramp
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Fiamma Carry Ramp
Product Code: 13957NOVA
Suppliers Code: 02095-04-

Motorbike ramp in galvanized aluminium that can be installed in the doorway of your motorhome or on the floor of the garage facility. Once the fixed plate is installed on the floor the ramp can be easily hooked and unhooked. The rail can reach a length of 175cm through the telescopic slide


Internal width: 15cm
Holds up to 130KG


By purchasing 2 of the Fiamma Carry Ramp, you can create a system of ramps for loading scooters and wheelchairs onto you vehicle. Each ramp is 15cm wide and is covered with an anti-skid band to help loading and unloading. The 2 ramps hold up to 130KG. (do not load wheelchairs when occupied)

Description Carry-Ramp
Vehicle type motorhome - van conversion
Ramp angle fixed 25°
Wheel chock front
Wheel chock rear
Weight / Max load 7 / 130kg
Wheel width max 15cm


Standard       Optional

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