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Fiamma Carry Bike 200 DJ
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Fiamma Carry Bike 200 DJ


Designed for van conversions with double rear doors. Easy installation
Bike Carriers for van conversions with double rear doors. The installation of the 200DJ models drilling is necessary but only for the 4 security screws. The rear door can be opened without removing the bicycles.

Restyling of Carry-Bikes for van conversions

The bicycle carriers for van conversions have been updated with the introduction of the redesigned Rail Premium and black details which were highly appreciated on the Pro and L Series, making the Fiamma line-up for this Carry-Bike range modern and elegant.

3 versions available:
200 DJ Ducato 2001 - 2006 - renewed• Fiat Ducato after 2000 and before 06/2006
• Peugeot Boxer after 2000
• Citroën Jumper/Relay after 2000
• Mercedes Sprinter before 06/2006

Fitting Instructions


  Spare Parts

 200 DJ Ducato > 06 2006 - renewed
now also available in all black option
This version allows the installation of the rail support base in two different positions, one standard and one lower to make it easier to load the bikes. Lower version must be used together with the licence plate holder bar with regulation lights, Licence Plate Carrier.
Articulated brackets for a quicker removal of the bike carrier.

• Fiat Ducato after 06/2006 (H2 and H3)
• Citroën Jumper after 06/2006
• Peugeot Boxer after 06/2006

Fitting Instructions


  Spare Parts Alu Rack

  Spare Parts All Black Rack

200 DJ Sprinter / Crafter - renewed• Mercedes Sprinter after 06/2006
• Volkswagen Crafter after 06/2006 

Fitting Instructions

  Spare Parts


Model RRP Our Price
200 DJ 2001 - 2006 £390.97 £305.00
200 DJ > 2006 Alu  £390.97 £310.00
200 DJ > 2006 All Black £446.36 £360.00
200 DJ Sprinter/Crafter £466.96 £365.00



Carry-Bike 200 DJ Ducato - before 2006

Carry-Bike 200 DJ Ducato - after 2006

Carry-Bike 200 DJ Sprinter / VW Crafter - after 2006

Vehicle type

van conversion

van conversion

van conversion

Rear double door




Bikes carried standard / max




Bike-Block Pro 1 




Bike-Block Pro 2 



Bike-Block Pro S D1 


• (x2)


Bike Block Pro S1    
Bike Block Pro S2    

Security Strip 

Weight / Max load

9kg / 35kg

11kg / 35kg

9kg / 35 kg

Rail Premium 







• Standard       Optional


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