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Fiamma Carry Bike Caravan XL A Pro Cycle Carrier for Caravan A Frames
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Fiamma Carry Bike Caravan XL A Pro Cycle Carrier for Caravan A Frames


The Caravan Active, XLA Pro and XLA Pro 200 models pivot forward allowing access to the storage compartment even when bikes are mounted (XLA model pivots forward but only when bikes are not mounted). Loading the bikes is a simple and safe operation. Standard A frame does not require drilling.

Any plastic / fibre glass covers that cover the A frame need to be removed in order to fit the XLA range.

Three models available:

CARAVAN XL A PRO Provided with reinforced bar.
Carries 2 bikes, but preset to fix the third optional rail.
Smaller size for short drawbars.


Users Manual


  Spares Parts

CARAVAN XL A PRO 200 Equipped with the external rail in two pieces to grant maximum possibility of installation and use.

Smaller size for short drawbars.


   Users Manual

  Spare Parts

CARAVAN XL A PRO 200 E-BIKE Special version specifically designed for the transport of two electric bicycles. It fits all A-frame.

Reinforced structure for maximum safety.

Users Manual

  Spare parts


Position: To be installed on the front part of the caravan on the A-frame.

Capacity: Two bikes carried as standard, the XL A PRO model has the
possibility of adding an extra Rail and Bike-Block for a third bike.
Max load 35/50 kg.

Rails: Two Rail Quick delivered as standard which can carry any sort of bike
and can also slide horizontally for easy positioning of the bikes

Bike-Block Pro One Bike-Block Pro and one Security Strip delivered as standard.
Bike-Block optional for the model XL A



Our Price

XLA Pro 2 Bikes



XLA Pro 3 Bikes



XLA Pro 200 



XLA Pro 200 E-Bike





XL A Pro

XL A Pro 200

XL A Pro 200 EBike

Vehicle type




Bikes carried standard / max




A Frame Minimum Size




Strip Red 

Bike Block Pro 1    

Bike Block Pro 2 


Bike Block Pro 3 


Bike Block Pro D1    

Security Strip 

Weight / Max load


7.5/50 kg


Rail Quick Pro 

(x1) / (x1)

• (x1)


Mini Rail Quick

• (x1)

• (x1)

Mini Rail Premium     • (x1)

Rail Premium



• (x1)



Standard       Optional


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