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Fiamma Carry Bike Rail Premium Supplementary Rail
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Fiamma Carry Bike Rail Premium Supplementary Rail


RAIL PREMIUM - renewedRefreshed design of the Premium Rail guide with new bicycle support block.
If you wish to transport electric bikes, Fiamma recommends that you choose the
Carry-Bike models specifically designed and developed for E-Bikes fitted with Rail Premium.

It is possible to transport a maximum of 2 electric bicycles on a Carry-Bike,
we also recommend that the Rail Premium are placed close to the wall of the
vehicle, and we suggest removing the batteries of the electric bikes for to limit
the weight on the wall itself.

Rail with increased structure complete with sliding wedges and incorporated Quick
straps to easily secure the wheels of the bike. Suitable for most diameters of bike
wheels. Ideal for installation on the motorhome garage floor.

Two models available:

• Rail Premium - The restyling of the product has made it even easier and more
practical to use. We have eliminated the adjustment and fastening handwheel.
Just place the bicycle wheel in the strap and in combination with the rubber support,
it will securely lock the bicycle on the rail.

• Rail Premium XL - The XL version is longer (139cm) and suited for particularly long E-Bikes and Mountain-Bikes (with wheelbase > 125cm).

Description Our Price
Rail Premium Alu £49.50
Rail Premium All Black £64.00
Rail Premium XL Alu £66.50
Rail Premium XL All Black £72.50



Hooking type  

Left-Right sliding

Back-Forward sliding

Length (A) 


Rail Premium Premium Quick
128cm 1.3kg
Rail Premium XL  Premium Quick

139cm 1.9kg

 Standard       Optional

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