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Fiamma F45 Eagle Self Supporting Motorcaravan Awning
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Fiamma F45 Eagle Self Supporting Motorcaravan Awning
RRP: £1,575.49


Automatic extra-strong legless awning designed for wall installation.
In order to grant maximum comfort the 12V electric awning can easily be opened by using the rocker switch inserted in the wall of the vehicle.
Delivered as standard with Wind Detection System: wind sensor that automatically activates the 12V motor and closes the awning in case of strong wind, avoiding
possible damage.
The motor kit also allows manual closing in case of emergency.
The self-supporting arms are reinforced thanks to the sturdy duralumin Double Block that doesn’t require the use of support legs.
The angle of inclination of the arms is prefixed at 10 degrees, but can be changed according to the height of motorhome from 5° to 17°, enabling the correct flow of the water. 


Please note: You must verify with your trusted dealer/fitter if your camper or motorhome is suitable for the installation of the F45 Eagle with the sturdy all length aluminium bracket. The vehicle must be sturdy enough to support the weight and the tension of the open awning, not having the legs. Fiamma refuses all responsibility for damages to the walls of the vehicle or for water seepage due to incorrect installation or due to installations on weak walls



Awning length A

Canopy length B

Extension C

Shade surface


F45 Eagle 350 Polar White, Deluxe Grey

366 cm

335 cm

250 cm

8.3 m2

33 kg

F45 Eagle 400 Polar White, Deluxe Grey

416 cm

385 cm

250 cm

9.6 m2

36.5 kg

F45 Eagle 450 Polar White, Deluxe Grey

466 cm

435 cm

250 cm

11 m2

39.5 kg


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