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Fiamma Rain Guard Rubber Seal
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Fiamma Rain Guard Rubber Seal




Fiamma Rain Guard to seal the space between the Fiammastor and the vehicle wall
to prevent water from infiltrating.
It is installed to the case without removing the awning.

Sold in 7 options

Rain Guard S 1.1cm - For awnings installed with standard AS 120 brackets
on flat walls

Rain Guard M 4cm - For awnings mounted with adapter spaced out from the wall
(up to 4cm) or on curved walls.

Rain Guard L 9cm - For awnings mounted with adapter spaced out from the wall
(up to 9cm) or on curved walls

Lower Rain Guard 8cm F45S - For awnings F45S with suspended installation
spaced from the wall. Installation in the special guide of the case.
Only for F45S awnings

NB: Rain Guard S, M , L and Lower come in 1 metre increments,
please update quantity/length required into box to suit

Rain Guard F65/F80 - For adapters of roof awnings F65 & F80,
it covers the whole space between the roof and the awning.
450cm long. In EDPM material.

Rain Guard California - For awnings F45s and F35 Pro installed on  VW California:
Length 200cm

Rain Guard Van - for awnings F45s and F35 Pro installed on campervans
spaced out from wall.
Length 300cm

Rain guard F65/F80 is sold in 450cm & 50cm lengths only
Rain guard California is sold in a 200cm length only
Rain guard Van is sold in a 300cm length only

Also available Rain Caps for F45s and F45L awnings: Pair of seals to prevent water infiltration in the Privacy in case of rain. To put on the end caps of the awning,
suitable for F45 S, F45 L, Fiamma ZIP S and Fiamma ZIP L.

Description Our Price
Rain Guard S 1.1cm per metre £6.50
Rain Guard M 4cm per metre £7.50
Rain Guard L 9cm per metre £7.95
Rain Guard Lower (F45s only) per metre £8.95
Rain Guard Kit F80/F65 550cm length £32.50
Rain Guard Kit F80/F65 50cm length £6.50
Rain Guard Kit California 200cm length £31.95
Rain Guard Kit Van 300cm length £69.95
Rain Caps F45S £17.95
Rain Caps F45L £18.50

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